Photography is a joy for me and has been for over two decades. I shoot what I feel drawn too—mostly nature, people, and places. I follow my instincts and have grown to appreciate photography as a mode for capturing beauty (in all its various forms), human expression, and being present.

In nature I'm drawn to beauty, power, and simplicity.

With people I'm impacted by moments of honesty, expression, and connection.

In travel I look for expressions of culture and distinct landscape.

I'm available for portraits and head shots, family pictures, custom website imagery, real estate, travel/expeditions, and special events.

Right now I'm doing a lot of portrait photography and love creating custom images for small businesses wanting to create a rich, professional quality website.

I also enjoy shooting for non-profits helping communicate their story and cause through imagery. A couple I've worked with:
- Integral Without Borders
- Raising a Reader SF

To consider hiring me for a shoot, visit the Contact page on my website, provide some basic information for your shoot, and I'll promptly reply with a quote (my rates are reasonable).

I'm based in Fairfax, CA and primarily shoot in Marin and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.